I wish to welcome all prospective and already admitted students to the Centre for Forensic Programmes and DNA Studies (a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Project) which was established in 2017 following the approval given by the University Senate same year. The Centre undertakes Post-Graduate Diploma in Forensic and DNA Analysis (PGD Forensics) as well as other trainings such as specialized short certificate course in areas of DNA analysis and forensic sciences.

In addition, the Centre shall provide services in DNA technology and forensic specialties for other departments within the university and other service/research institutions of higher learning in the country. There are several sub-areas of forensic and DNA studies which the centre shall be focusing on. These are Digital forensics, Crime Scene Investigation, Jurisprudence, Criminalistics, Odontology, Pathology, Toxicology, Document Examination, Psychology and Social Works, amongst others.This handbook provides detailed information about the Centre in line with mission of the University of Benin.

Everyone in the Centre will ensure that your dreams and aspirations to acquire sound academic training are achieved. On your part you must endeavor to be familiar with all rules and regulations of the Centre and the University so as to have the best of experiences.